DNA Model


Model – repeatedly enlarged spiral helix of DNA.

Model for use as a visual aid in sections biology ” People & Health ” and ” General Biology ” and Chemistry Section “Important organic compounds . Chemistry cells .”
The model is made of plastic and installed in a plastic stand.
Model – repeatedly enlarged spiral helix of DNA. On the model has the following notation:
– The circle is located at the periphery of the model – a phosphoric acid residue ;
– Pentagon white – deoxyribose ;
– Color polygons – the nitrogenous bases (adenine , guanine , cytosine , thymine ); Product Height 410 mm .
Length / width 120×120 mm.
Weight 0.35 kg;

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Model “Neuron”


Model – demonstration grant on studying the topic “Structure of the nervous system ” in the ” Man and his health.”
The model is made of plastic and painted.
The model consists of two parts :
one mimics the structure of a neuron ,
( The model is presented with particular external and internal structure of the neuron : the kernel, nucleolus , nuclear membrane porous , secretory education sheath cells , short branching processes with ” spines ” – dendrites , axonal hillock – the place of divergence long process neuron ( axon ) ) .
the other – the structure of the nerve process ( axon ) .
( Axon model demonstrates its external and internal structure , and allows us to see a thick myelin sheath process, Schwann cells that synthesize myelin, nodes of Ranvier , mitochondria and secretory education formed cells during initiation )
Both parts are mounted on the plate
Model of a nerve cell is composed of four parts : the actual body of a neuron spikes , transparent nuclear envelope , 2 balls , imitating nucleoli .
Height 330 mm. Length / width 210h130 mm.
Weight 0.5 kg;

Model AIDS Virus


The model is made of plastic and painted in a contrasting color , which allows her to consider in detail the structural features of the virus. The outer shell of the virus comprises a membrane formed from the cell membrane of the host cell , attached to the frame of the protein molecules.
The virion is a spherical shape , a diameter of 150 mm.
In membrane embedded receptor education. By the core is an outer shell of the virus, which has the shape of a truncated cone. Inside the core are two viral RNA molecules , low molecular weight proteins associated with the main character. Each RNA molecule contains nine HIV genes and enzyme – reverse transcriptase, the synthesis of viral DNA molecules with the viral RNA. The model is accompanied by a plastic stand ; 210h210h210 Size mm.
Weight 0.3 kg.

Model Heart


Model – a visual aid to the ” People & Health ” on ” Circulation . Structure of the heart . ”
The model is made of plastic, collapsible . Removable parts are mounted on magnetic mounts. Mounted on a plastic stand.
The model is painted in natural colors .
In the model presented the following details of the external and internal structure of the human heart : 1. Aortic arch ;
2 . Right ventricle;
3 . Pulmonary artery;
4 . The left atrium ;
5 . Superior vena Vienna ;
6. The left ventricle ;
7. Inferior vena Vienna ;
8. Butterfly valve ;
9. Coronary vessels ;
10 . Tricuspid valve ;
11. Right atrium ;
12. Semilunar valves ;
Height of the model assembly 260 mm . Length / width 210h200 mm.
Weight 1.75 kg.

Model Kidneys


Model – a visual aid and handouts in the ” People & Health ” on ” Genito-urinary system . Excretory organs . ”
Not folding model , made of plastic , painted in a contrasting color and mounted on a plastic stand.
Model displays features external and internal structure of the human kidney , which allows to consider the following items :
1.Kapsula kidney ;
2.Pochechnaya artery;
3.Mozgovoe substance ;
4.Pochechnaya Vienna ;
5.Pochechnaya pelvis ;
6.Korkovy layer ;
7.Mochetochnik ;
8.Nadpochechnik ;
Height of the model assembly 260 mm . Length / width 120×120 mm.
Weight 0.2 kg.


Model Lungs


Model – a life-size copy of the human respiratory system.
It consists of 5 pieces, including:
sagittal section of the trachea,
Front section lung
2 parts of the heart.
Height 340 mm. Length / width 230h140 mm.
Weight 1.7 kg.


A set of models “vertebrate brain” (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals)


Set – a model for the study of those demonstrations on the structure of the nervous system of representatives of different classes of vertebrates , as well as a comparative analysis in the study of the evolution of the vertebrate nervous system in the course of animal biology .
1. Model vertebrate brain – 5 pcs.
model of the brain from the five groups of vertebrates : bony fish , amphibians, reptiles , birds, mammals
Models are made of plastic , mounted on a stand.
Different parts of the brain models are highlighted in different colors.
The forebrain is painted yellow ,
midbrain – in brown,
cerebellum colored orange ,
midbrain – in green,
medulla – in blue ;
2 . Plastic stand – 5 pcs.
Height 250mm . Length / width of each model 120×120 mm.
The total weight of 1.4 kg set



Model nasopharynx


Model – a visual aid for the course “People & Health” in the subject line “human respiratory system. Respiratory system. ”
Model reflects the internal structure of human nasal
The model is made from plastic and mounted to a plastic support.
Height 180 mm. Length / width 120×120 mm.
Weight 0.25

Model Kidney


Model – demo material to the “People & Health”, “The Role of the liver in digestion.”
The model is painted in natural colors.
The model allows to consider the characteristics of the external and internal structure of the liver;
Folding model and consists of three parts.
The model is made of plastic and installed in a plastic stand.
Elevation Model 240 mm. Length / width 190h130 mm.
Weight 0.7 kg;

Model Ear


Model – demo material in the “People & Health” on “Ear and its function. Auditory perception. ”
The model is painted in natural colors, is collapsible, depicts the human ear in the context that allows us to consider the following details of the structure:
1. Auricle;
2. Snail;
3. The external auditory meatus;
4. Vestibular apparatus;
5. Eardrum;
6. Auditory tube;
7. Ossicles;
The model is made from plastic and mounted to a plastic support.
Height 180 mm Length / width 180×180 mm.
Weight 0.7 kg.



Model Animal Cell


Model – demo allowance general biology course in the section “Structure and function of cells.”
In the model the following features of the structure of an animal cell:
1. Kernel;
2. Golgi apparatus;
3. Chromatin;
4. Mitochondria;
5. Cytoplasm;
6. Lysosomes;
7. The outer membrane of the cell;
8. Ribosome;
9. Endoplasmic reticulum;
10. Cell center (centrioles);
Not folding model, made of plastic.
Height 500 mm Length / width 280h200 mm.
Weight 0.85 kg;

Model Animal Cell

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